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McMullan & Co


Company Principles


The client - accountant professional relationship must be based on trust. It is our aim that this principle will be a basis for the delivery of the services to the client and the foundation of the client relationship. 


The client needs to be assured that they not only have a professional relationship based on trust, but that confidentiality is assured. We place great emphasis on this principle.  


The clients' needs in the current challenging business environment can only be met by professionally trained and competent Chartered Accountants. It is fundamental that maintaining competency to ensure delivery of the services to clients is a priority for the modern accountancy firm.


Integrity is essential not only to the discharging of legal & regulatory obligations in any business but also is paramount to the successful outcomes of professional accountancy services. We seek a Client - Accountant relationship that has business integrity at its core.  

Client Centred Service

The client is at the heart of the services we provide. A client centred approach involves being adaptable and responsive the individual needs of each and every client and providing a professional service tailored to meet those needs.


We deliver a professional service to clients whilst maintaining a tailored personal service to each individual client.

Personal Service

Whilst delivering the professional services as outlined above, we trust that you will also be receiving a personal service tailored to you & your business' needs. This will result in you & your business being assured of your value as a client of ours.